I'm Steve Bullock, the proprietor of
Neon Space Lab.

What is Neon Space Lab? A multidisciplinary design studio that partners with entrepreneurs, innovators and wave makers to translate their strategy into compelling creative - online & off.

Still not sure? One day I may be designing packaging for a new product launch; then the next, writing code for an interactive infographic; and the following, hosting a studio full of people for a photoshoot. Hence the "multi" in multidisciplinary.

Regardless of what's happening any particular day, I'm really working to improve my clients business. Something I've been doing for the better part of 20 years. I've had the pleasure of crafting brand identities for publicly traded CPG companies, honing positioning for scrappy entrepreneurual startups, writing code for deeply commited non-profits and nearly every organization type in-between.

Wander by some of the links below to have a look at what I've been up to lately. If I can put my particular set of talents to work for you, let's talk.

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